Technology has increased relevance during pandemic.

No one plans or welcomes a pandemic, but Rob Saik says in this unexpected time of isolation and social distancing, a new service he launched in 2019 can help farmers connect with a diverse network of agricultural expertise either online or by phone, at a time when face-to-face personal contact is being discouraged.

Saik, well known in the agriculture industry as founder of the long-operating Agri-Trend crop consulting service, is now at the helm as CEO of a new service he founded last year — AGvisorPro. Co-piloting the venture is co-founder and general manager, Patrick Walther.
Saik and Walther didn’t have a health pandemic in mind when they developed the service, “but it is an example of how technology can help us to connect with people under adverse circumstances,” says Saik.

In an article published through Grainews on May 6, 2020, Lee Hart exposes just how the app works as well as the benefits to all in the agricultural industry.


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