PRESS RELEASE: New Tool provides connectivity between Agribusiness and Farmers

AGvisorPRO Press Release

Calgary, Alberta
May 13th, 2020: For Immediate release

New Tool provides connectivity between Agribusiness and Farmers

AGvisorPRO Inc has launched a new service designed to provide instantaneous connectivity between farmers and company technical representatives to enhance customer service.

“The AGvisorPRO Tech Direct Solution™ built on the AGvisorPRO platform creates a connection between those seeking advice about a company’s product, service or technology and that company’s technical reps.” explains CEO, Robert Saik. “Instead of going to the web or trying to find a 1-800

number, then explaining your problem to the operator, with Tech Direct you simply enter the company or product name and you are able to connect for free to the company technical reps. This is an

natural evolution in enhancing customer service in the agricultural sector.“

The service launched mid-April has already attracted the attention of several agribusiness who have become Tech Direct partners including Taurus Ag, Point Forward Solutions, Keg River Chemical (Sulphur) and Pattison Liquid Systems.

As Rick Pattison, President of Pattison Liquid Systems explains, “We need to find new ways to connect with our customers and to provide remote support in an efficient manner. We believe AGvisorPRO Tech Direct will be part of the solution. Folks looking for information on our products or service can just enter Pattison or products like Connect Sprayer and AGvisorPRO will create a free support session between the user and our technical people. This is a true evolution in customer service.”

“We founded the company over a year ago because we were looking for a way to be more responsive to to the need for sound information – faster.” adds Saik, “The current social isolation experience we are living through accentuates the need to leverage technology to offer remote support for farmers and the agricultural sector. We are excited to be able to leverage AGvisorPRO to provide Answers Now!”

Tech Direct Solution partners are able to register their company, their products and their reps on the AGvisorPRO platform so users are able to quickly connect within the app via audio, video, chat, high resolution picture sharing. The app is free for download on iOS, Android and desktop and there is no charge for the farmers to connect via the Tech Direct Solution.

CEO, / 403-319-0772
COO, / 204-891-1649

AGvisorPRO Inc, a privately held firm, is an agriculture technology company focusing on solving problems by creating connectivity between farmers, experts and industry players to provide Answers Now.

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