Shoot for the Stars

Reported by Natalie Noble (Farming For Tomorrow) on Feb 28, 2022

Olds College’s priority to advance agriculture and technology together align well with Saik’s lifelong drive to generate progress in the industry he loves. “I believe this industry is desperate for farm technology integrators,” says Saik. “Olds College has really stepped up to the plate in building its Smart Farm and creating the Techgronomy diploma. I feel strongly that we need more talent in the industry so I’m supporting that through this scholarship.”

The recent endowment complements Saik’s 2016 $100,000 donation to the University of Alberta, establishing the Rob Saik Bar None Award in Agriculture. The award sponsors young rural students who enter studies at the university’s agriculture faculty each year. 

Saik’s mission to attract brainpower into agriculture from both urban and rural talent pools is not surprising considering his resume. Most of his life the tireless entrepreneur has had a foot planted in the field while his mind focuses on the progressive potential held in the technology realm. Asked about his early years, Saik describes a wonderful youth spent on the family farm while dreaming of becoming an astronaut.  


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