AGvisorPR launches as the ‘uberzation’ of knowledge and wisdom

AGvisorPRO, a global platform that connects farmers to experienced ag experts, launched this week in Ag in Motion.

Currently offering access to roughly 50 advisors, the platform enables users to connect via audio, video, or text, with photo-sharing capabilities. It also saves the connection for future reference.

“AGvisorPRO is basically the ‘Uberization’ of knowledge and wisdom,” says Patrick Walther, chief operations officer with the company.

And like Uber, users and advisors become part of the process, with a rating and review system.

“We want to create a hub for agriculture, so we want to have crops on there, we have livestock on there, we have business management people on there, we have people that can talk about mental health,” says Walther. “It’s really for us to bring the ag community together.”

The platform is currently being rolled out in western Canada and will move out from there.

“The platform itself is global in nature, but we wanted to roll this out in our backyard,” says Walther.

Advisees can sign up for free online, paying sessional fees dependent on the consultant.

Reported by RealAgriculture on July 19, 2019 – LINK

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